Blue Spruce Cultivation as a Hobby:

You can grow 5-year-old grafted Blue Spruce in your garden, which you will get from İNCİ PLANTATION, with garden owners and small land. Thus, even in a small part of your garden can be compared to other productions can earn a high income.

At the age of 5, you can buy these grafted Blue Spruce, 40-50 cm tall, and grow them in a corner of your garden and sell these saplings after 5 years. You can grow 1 seedling up to 200-250 cm in one square meter area. In such an initiative, INCI PLANTATION will give you the necessary technical support.

The prices of grown seedlings are at least 10-15 times the size of tube seedlings. For example, 250 Grafted Blue Spruce saplings that you will grow on 250 m² in the corner of your garden will provide you with a significant income.

100,00 TL * 250 fidan

25.000 TL

4 TL * 500 sepet

2.000 TL


27.000 TL

The other work you will do is to irrigate your garden while watering these saplings. The current prices of 200-250 cm are approximately 1.500-2.000 TL. By selling 250 saplings from 1,500 TL, you can earn 375,000 TL income.

This production; retired, civil servants, workers, housewives, small and large garden or land, even in the city to sit in his hometown, village is a production that anyone can make land.

The grafted saplings grown by INCI PLANTATION in Ankara’s climatic conditions are in 6 lt square pots. The height of the pots is 25 cm and the upper edges are 18 cm. This volume is the guarantee of the success of our saplings for the users.


There are inaccuracies in the provision of small grafted Blue Spruce seedlings. Unfavorable conditions in the market brought from abroad, have to adapt to conditions in Turkey, it is exceeded in very small containers blue spruce is failing in Turkey. It is for the benefit of undertakings to pay attention to this matter.