Due to the geographical structure of Turkey is a country that can be seen but can be seen in a variety of climatic conditions of the continent. The production of ornamental plants in developed countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Italy single type of climate and climate differences within countries, while very few in this country, we can see clearly separable from each other climatic regions in Turkey.

Marmara and Aegean Regions where almost all of the production of ornamental plants in Turkey in terms of this type of aquaculture has a climate very lucky. These regions are separated from Central and Eastern Anatolia regions in terms of both annual average temperature and humidity. The Black Sea and Mediterranean Regions have their own unique climate characteristics.

Let’s remember the climate of Ankara: In some years December, January and February, the air temperature drops to -15 ° C to -20 ° C and these temperatures continue for days. In the summer, it is a few months after rain and relative humidity is very low. There are very few local plants that can withstand the Central Anatolian climate under these conditions. These; Larch, Oak, Hawthorn and Ahlat trees and some shrub species.

Ornamental plants brought to Ankara in the spring from the Aegean or Black Sea regions are affected by the dry dry heat they are not accustomed to in the first summer they spend in Ankara, and in the first winter immediately after, they see -15 ° C and -20 ° C they have never met. These conditions are very heavy and dry for these plants brought to Ankara.

In order for a park or garden to be organized in such a harsh climate to be healthy, the landscape plants to be planted must be selected from the ones that are suitable for Ankara conditions. The heart wishes that the parks and gardens to be organized in Ankara, Central Anatolia and Eastern Anatolia Regions should be afforested with selected plants of Marmara, Aegean or Mediterranean Sea. However, considering the climatic conditions, we see that this is impossible.

What needs to be done is to know the species of landscape plants resistant to the climate of Central and Eastern Anatolia and to use these species in your garden.

As a result of the adaptation problem we tried to tell, the news that the plants brought to Ankara from outside Ankara have dried up frequently take place in the press.

Our seedlings are grown from the first months of Ankara under severe climatic conditions.